Throwback Thursday: Coal Hole | 3701 Lindell Boulevard

The Coronado Hotel officially opened at 3701 Lindell Boulevard in 1925. It was designed by architect Preston Bradshaw, who went on to own and operate the hotel.

In 1934, Bradshaw opened a bar in the basement of the Coronado.

Preston Bradshaw has opened a picturesque spot in the basement of the Coronado, known as “The Coal Hole” . . . It’s entered via a short stairway (called a ladder by the mariners) and resembles the hold of a ship . . . With portholes in the bulkheads where the visitors can gaze out into an illuminated sea and witness fishies swimming around . . .

St. Louis Star and Times, April 10, 1934

The Coal Hole had the atmosphere of an old English drinking tavern, with a deep arched ceiling, old mellow wood walls, quaint lanterns and a cozy fireplace.

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