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Houska Gallery Opening Reception: Peter Manion and Brian Schneider | September 8th

On Friday, September 8th, Houska Gallery will be celebrating the opening of their newest exhibitions: “Starting From Scratch” by Peter Manion and “Goofs” by Brian Schneider. Stop by anytime from 5 pm to 8 pm to enjoy the show, drink some wine, and chat with the artists!

Through this exhibition, I aim to explore the significance of history in shaping our present and the importance of reinterpreting past experiences.

The title of the show, “Starting from Scratch”, holds a deeper meaning for me that goes beyond its surface interpretation. It signifies the emotional act of transcending layers of memories to uncover hidden truths and bring awareness to our past.

The work presented in this exhibition is playful and free from any expectations. It is a reflection of the connections I have made with my surroundings, particularly places like Spain and Portugal, which have served as catalysts for my personal growth. Moving through different spaces and experiencing new cultures has ignited an evolution within me, leading to a fresh perspective and new opportunities for artistic exploration.

Through this exhibition, I invite viewers to join me on a journey of self-reflection and discovery. I hope to emphasize the importance of history in shaping our present and the endless possibilities that arise when we approach life with an open and curious mind.

Brian Schneider is a multi-disciplinary artist from Greenfield, WI. He received his BFA in 2014 from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and currently creates and shows work at Var Gallery and Studios in Milwaukee. Brian works in drawing, painting, photography, mixed media sculpture and digitally.

My work is first and foremost meditation, a conversation of intuition and contemplative thought. The process of creation is used as a means of introspection, as well as a way to process external experiences. A rhythm develops in this process of making,a rhythm of digging, sifting, marking, placing, pausing, re-placing and reaction.

My work is evolution, seen as individual works and how each piece fits into my body of work as a whole; how it relates; how it deviates. What is meaningful is how the pieces are the same and what is interesting is how they diverge. The spaces can be playful, disturbing, humorous, squirmy, weird, vulnerable, awkward, spiritual, sexual. The images and objects are evoked through the subconscious and so, deal with all of my experiences and emotions.

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