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Houska Opening Reception | Summer Group Show : Salt Lick | July 12th

Houska Gallery is excited to announce Salt Lick, this year’s annual Summer group show. Drawing inspiration from a trove of Summertime references – sweat, beaches, bodies, and blue skies – artists embrace these fluid ideas and offer us the salt of Summer!  Please enjoy the work of artists Kurt Herrmann, Roscoe Hall, Zack Petot, Jacob Janes, Nick Erker, Sarah Paulsen, Amy Reidel, Larry Torno, John Marksbury, Philip Lesicko, Julie Malone, and Justin King.

Janie Stamm

Janie Stamm was born and raised on the edge of the Everglades in Broward County, Florida. She is a craft-based artist currently residing on the western banks of the Mississippi River in Saint Louis, Missouri. Her work focuses on preserving Florida’s environmental and Queer history in the face of climate change. She uses a craft-based practice to tell these stories.

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