Art Fair- Artist Robert Longyear

A highlight of the Clayton Art Fair was seeing the work of Robert Longyear. Robert shares a studio with Alicia LaChance in Maplewood. You can see how they influence each other. I need to get all of my artwork hung in my new home and then see if I have a space for one of Robert's pieces.



2 thoughts on “Art Fair- Artist Robert Longyear”

  1. 3 things- 1. Lovely Alicia (and Bill) went to high school with me and my husband. I love her stuff. 2. That was me who was crashed your dinner at Sasha’s. It was nice to meet you. 3. My kids went driving around Compton Hts with their grandfather and brought home the listing you have on Hawthorne. “Mom, we should totally buy this house!” (I told them we are staying put until we can actually afford a house like that).

  2. Scott Holifield says:

    David and I bought one and love it.

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