Artist Zack Smithey’s Easter Art Hunt

What has artist Zack Smithey been up to???  See below:
What is the Easter Art Hunt? Since the beginning of January I've been working tirelessly in the studio to complete 1,000 pieces of original art. I'll be hiding 100 pieces per day from March 28th to April 3rd all over St. Louis. I'll be hiding pieces all throughout the day posting photo clues on my Facebook wall as I hide them… where there is one piece there are many. The remaining 300 pieces of art will be hidden all over Delmar on Saturday, April 4th.  
If you find one of the 1,000 pieces in the Easter Art Hunt, congratulations! Bring your piece to the reception, Saturday April 4th 4:00 to 7:00 @ Cicero's, to get it autographed. If you didn't find a piece from the Hunt you're still welcome to join me for a beer and see what pieces return for an autograph.
Easter Art Hunt by the numbers….
*1,000 pieces of original art
*166 hours to prep and prime the paintings alone
*864,000 square inches of paintings
*if the paintings were lined up they would stretch a 1/2 mile
*estimated cost – $10,000
Zack Smithey

You won't necessarily find one of these on the Hunt, though this work gives you an idea of his talent.


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