Duane Reed Gallery Opening, Friday April 6th 5-8 PM CWE

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Opening Friday, April 6th
Reception from 5:00 – 8:00 PM

Jan Huling

"Coming Home"

Jan Huling was born in Chicago and raised in St. Louis. After attending the Kansas City Art Institute she started her career in greeting card design. She now works in New York City as a product designer, children’s book author and beadist. Neither sketched nor planned, Huling‘s three-dimensional works draw inspiration from her travels to India and Mexico, as well as imagined, playful scenes reminiscent of childhood fairy tales and fantasies. Her work is approachable yet evocative, incorporating spiritual iconography alongside humorous artifacts of contemporary popular culture.


Also Opening April 6th

Griff Williams

A Glimpse We Are Given, 2010
resin and enamel
57" x 57"

Griff Williams is a San Francisco based fine artist whose paintings have been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide, and his work has been reviewed in Art in America, Flash Art and Williams’ methodology involves an elaborate paint by number process he reinvented. Each segmented area of the composition is assigned to a specific color, a palette professionally mixed to replicate the distinctive colors in a 1950’s Color Craft paint by numbers set. The hand-made application involves repeated layers of poured transparent resin and stenciled enamel shapes.  Intially, this meticulous process is belied by the graphic flatness and slick surfaces of the work, which may seem manufactured or digital.

These exhibitions run through Saturday, May 12, 2012

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