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Duane Reed & Houska Gallery Openings | December 14, 2018

Houska Gallery: 5-8pm
Featured artwork by: Tony Cray, Michael Hoffman, Bethanie Irons, Jeff Kapfer, Myles Keough, Ken Konchel, Julie Malone, Peter Manion, John Marksbury, Metra Mitchell, J.B. Nearsy, Renée Raub-Ayers, Justin Tolentino, Larry Torno, & Diana Zeng

Exhibition runs through mid-February.
Duane Reed: 5-8pm
Duane Reed Gallery is excited to present new works by ceramic artist Kyungmin Park and abstract painter Reza Movahed with special installation by ceramic artist Brian Giniewski.

“In the adult world, our formerly infinite imagination is restrained by arrangements and circumstances. As we grow up, society puts limit on the way an individual might perceive things. Inspired by the perspective of children, I seek a sort of regression to a childlike state of mind so that I can create in a place beyond these boundaries.”

– Kyungmin Park, Artist Statement

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