Fabulous Exhibit At Hoffman LaChance!



Recently, I ventured on over to one of my favorite art galleries in St. Louis, Hoffman Lachance. They had a new exhibit on display from an incredible contemporary artist, Daniel Burnett. Born in Chicago, Burnett became immersed in the Chicago art scene as a young freshman in high school when he befriended some local graffiti writers. As a result, he was able to observe their diligent work ethics and also pick up on their individual styles. This eventually enabled him to incorporate graffiti and sign painting techniques into his own art. On one day Burnett will paint traditionally on a canvas. But on the next day he’ll be making art with graffiti using abandoned buildings as his canvas.


Since moving to St. Louis, Burnett has become heavily involved both in the local art scene. He also has worked with many local organizations including COCA, The Regional Arts Commission, and The World Chess Hall of Fame. He is also one of ten people who are a part of The Screwed Arts Collective, a group of artists working together using different mediums including drawing, painting, music, video, etc. Interestingly, he did not accept ordinary payments for these pieces… He said that “Paintings [were] available by acts of faith.” Basically, if you promised to do good deeds he would give you the painting.


Daniel Burnett’s Ugly Window ran through July 30th.


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