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Head Blooms and Body Language Virtual Tour | Houska Gallery

Foster Owen Atkinson: Head Blooms

In Foster’s first solo exhibition “Head Blooms”, we will be exploring outside the realm of our imagination with his unique compositions and fabric assembly.

Foster Owen Atkinson was originally born in Birmingham, AL in November of 1998. He spent most of his childhood in Norman/Oklahoma City, OK. Foster then moved to St. Louis to attend college at Webster University, where he studied art history, philosophy, and English before choosing to stop his studies due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, he works and maintains a studio in St. Louis, MO.

Alex Paradowski: Body Language

In Alex’s solo exhibition “Body Language”, we will investigate the deeper meaning of communication in his figurative works. Alex Paradowski began his career as a graphic artist. His current work combines the time-honored techniques of paper making and mosaic. He uses today’s technology of digital photography to create work from hand-cast paper cubes.

See the exhibition in person until April 1!

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