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Houska Gallery Metra Mitchell & Jenna Bauer Opening Reception April 2, 2021

Metra Mitchell: Other Disguises &
Jenna Bauer: KC Trials and Tivoli Dreams
April 2nd – May 29th, 2021

In Metra Mitchell’s series entitled “Other Disguises”, archetypal characters appear in many disguises within staged theatrical environments. A certain strangeness in their representation reflects the fragmentation and duplication of the ego in a dream. Unpacking this constellation of imagery carries a strong emotional charge, conjuring a complex process of transformations. This metamorphosis involves the human body- a living presence that may take on different shapes and forms. Concealed identities, masks and other disguises reflect a lack of certainty.

Through physicality, play and projected imagery this new body of work investigates vulnerability/control, revealing/concealing patterns and the juncture between composure and discomposure. Within the theater of painting, bodies and the space physically became the playground. The texture of these paintings is achieved through the thick application and accumulation of slabs of paint, embedding the content into the painted illusion. In this way, the images should convey both conviction and ambiguity.

As for Jenna Bauer, last winter she boiled her color pallet into grids while living in Kansas City: her KC Trials. The goal with these paintings includes color theory research, storytelling and creating the essence of landscape within the canon of Grid Painting.

Tivoli Dreams refers to a landscape that is out of reach – one we can only dream of: Part homage to the Hudson River School crossed with the artist’s intent for exploring color theory, mark-making, process and presentation. Bauer is a painter and social sculptor. Her visual art is an abstract departure from landscape, with an acute focus on color, gesture and process.

A virtual tour of the exhibits will be available shortly or contact Houska Gallery for a private showing. 

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