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#HowItHangs | An Art Collection From Houska Gallery

Here’s a peek at my collection photographed by Suzy Gorman for Houska Gallery’s new photo series #howithangs. The selected works have been purchased from Houska Gallery in the Central West End. Buying and displaying art is a fun way to enhance your home and show off your personal style. Like real estate, art is also another great way to diversify your investments.

Top Left by Quinn Antonio Briceño

Above Fireplace by Brian DePauli

Red Ceramic by Gregg Rasmusson






Painting by Nick Schleicher

Trio of Vases by Tony Cray








Art by Alicia Lachance

Ceramics by Gregg Rasmusson









Art by Alicia Lachance

Ceramic by Gregg Rasmusson

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