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LOT 49 @The Luminary

Friday night was a special treat to go to a hip party on West Cherokee Street!  LOT 49 @ The Luminary   The art was for sale via silent auction and was really stellar! Salt+Smoke provided the yummiest beef and port sliders!

Featured artist were:

Alberto Aguilar, Luca Antonucci, JE Baker, Brian Barr, Lyndon Barrois Jr., Jenna Bauer, Conrad Bakker, Michael Behle, Big Weirdo (Amanda Bowles and Howard Krohn), Martin Brief, Lauren Cardenas, Alika Cooper, Gabriel Dawe, Sage Dawson, Addoley Dzegede, Jennifer Everett, Kristin Fleischmann-Brewer, Tate Foley, Madeline Gallucci, Gina Grafos, Meghan Grubb, Jessica Harvey, Heidi Hove, Kahlil Irving, David Johnson, David Kasprzak, Basil Kincaid, Jamie Kreher, Marianne Laury, Jason Lazarus, Cole Lu, Mads Lynnerup, Quinlan Maggio, Angela Malchionno, Peter Manion, Sandra Marchewa, Nicolas G. Miller, Adrienne Outlaw, Catalina Ouyang, Sarah Paulsen, Ryan Pierce, Peter Pranschke, Lauren Rice, Edo Rosenblith, Nick Schleicher, Sopearb Touch, Edra Soto, Carlie Trosclair, Ann-Maree Walker, Brett Williams, Ken Wood, and Steph Zimmerman + more!

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