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projects+gallery is pleased to present its inagural exhibition:
On My Way – Hideki Seo
Please join us for the opening reception on
Friday, April 10th, 2015
4733 McPherson Avenue – Saint Louis, Missouri 63108 
Hideki Seo
Heart, 2014

Heart - 2014, Paris 
About On My Way

On My Way is a solo retrospective featuring the
work of Paris-based artist, Hideki Seo. Exploring the artist's fascination with travel, culture, and the transitory nature of material life and human experience, the exhibition will include key pieces from Seo's career and new, never before seen works. According to the artist, "Through these works, I am considering the boundaries of art. My concept is focused on life and death, and how differences between cultures and languages inform art." 
About projects+gallery
Located at 4733 McPherson Avenue in Saint Louis' Central West End, projects+gallery is a commercial art space designed to feature contemporary exhibitions and artists that blur the boundaries of traditionally understood artistic disciplines and practices. In conjuction with Barrett Barrera Projects, a consulting company founded by Susan Barrett in 2014, projects+gallery will feature regional, national and international artists working in a variety of mediums.
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