RE: TOM FORD – Pulitzer Arts Foundation also Designed by Tadao Ando


Tadao Ando, Architect

Tadao Ando has achieved international acclaim for his uncompromising architectural vision, which elevates the use of simple materials and forms to create spaces that appeal equally to precision and emotion. Pulitzer Arts Foundation—completed in 2001 after four years of construction—is the first free-standing, public project for which Ando was commissioned in the United States. Through carefully composed windows and a central water court, the building is suffused with natural light, inviting the outside world into dialogue with art and architecture. Artists Richard Serra and Ellsworth Kelly were commissioned by Emily Rauh Pulitzer to create permanent sculptures for the building, and according to Ando, their collaboration “provided a rare and stimulating opportunity to reconsider the architecture and to rethink what it means to create.”

This is part 2, view part 1 here.

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