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Sotheby’s Auction House | The Best Videos of 2020

Sharing the stories behind the art, objects, and people that pass through their doors is one of the most rewarding aspects of Sotheby’s business. This year was no exception – whether filmed virtually, on-location or in Sotheby’s galleries, their 2020 videos present detailed looks at one-of-a-kind masterpieces, first-hand accounts from artists and collectors, fresh perspectives from creative partners, and more. To ring in the New Year, discover some of these extra special moments, compiled in a playlist of favorites.

The Man Behind the World’s Most Important Ansel Adams Collection

In this episode of A Life Less Ordinary, meet with Arrington, the extraordinary man behind the auction, A Grand Vision. The David H. Arrington Collection of Ansel Adams Masterworks grew out of his lifelong passion for photography. Arrington has amassed over 650 Ansel Adams photographs – “I’m a Texan and we overdo everything” – the collector remarks in the video.

Cars as Art: Alfa Romeo’s B.A.T. Concept Cars

In this episode of Expert Voices, Ian Kelleher speaks on Alfa Romeo’s ingenuity in the creation of the B.A.T. concept cars. Designed by Franco Scaglione, the cars remain today as a testimony of what one man can do in the field of design. Sculpted by aerodynamics, these cars were sold for the first time ever as a trio in an exclusive auction by RM Sotheby’s – transcending the medium of the automobile into the realm of fine art. Alfa Romeo’s B.A.T. Concept Cars sold for $14,840,000 at the Contemporary Art Evening Auction.

The Arresting ‘Exploded’ Ceramics of Artist Bouke de Vries

Meet Bouke de Vries, the celebrated Dutch artist whose arresting ‘exploded’ artworks are made from fragments of broken antique ceramics. In this episode of By Design, discover how Bouke’s career as a ceramics restorer inspired his creative desire to find beauty in broken things and given them a new narrative. A spectacular bespoke installation by de Vries greeted visitors at the Showroom | The London Edit – Sotheby’s new exhibition space showcasing exciting property by leading designers, artists, craftsmen and makers, available for direct purchase outside of the traditional auction calendar.

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