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Tonight’s Gallery Openings | September 13, 2018

Houska Gallery
John Marksbury is a St. Louis-based artist and designer who relocated from Boston, MA, in early 2013. Developed through an intuitive process of layering and expressive mark marking, John’s colorful paintings explore ideas of time and space, the fantastic and mystical, symbolism, and the tension between objective and subjective experience.

John has found a supportive home in the local arts community, exhibiting work at Art Saint Louis and most recently at Saint Charles Community College’s biannual painting invitational. He is honored and excited to have his first solo exhibition at Houska Gallery. Open from 5-8pm. 

Duane Reed
Join Duane Reed Gallery as we present the imagery of Mary Borgman. “Formerly a professional sign language interpreter, I now translate into drawings the personalities and dignity of individuals. I work with charcoal on frosted Mylar, a polyester film. This tough, translucent support allows me to aggressively build up marks and then work the charcoal with erasers to reveal a luminous quality of light. The sitters assume frontal, uncompromising poses and look directly at the viewer, turning the observer into the observed.” – artist statement.

The gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the amazing glass work of Seattle artist Nancy Callan. “As I approach twenty years of working with glass, I am amazed at how much there still is for me to explore in the material. The quest for the perfect form matched with the ideal surface, color, or pattern is an ongoing challenge. But most exciting are the new possibilities that open up through experimentation. Using the traditional techniques to ceate something fresh and modern is what I am most interested in right now. This approach allows me to feel grounded in the traditions of the material but also free to depart and explore the possibilities, which are indeed infinite.” Artist Statement

Duane Reed Gallery is pleased to present the imaginative fiber sculpture of St. Louis artist Luanne Rimel. “My current work explores the contrast of the ephemeral with the permanent. Since photographs can capture a single moment in time, I seek out to photography buildings under construction that are draped in cloth to protect and hide the process. The billowing fabric, which often gets sucked back into the armatures, alludes to breathing, inhale, exhale, also skin and bones. I am drawn to cloth because of its rich domestic history and ability to be mysterious. The ephemeral fabric coverings on the huge, soon-to-be-permanent structures, are sometimes stitched together, patched, or torn, reacting to the environment, much like the fabrics in our daily lives.

The images are printed onto fabric with a wide format printer. Detailed sections are reprinted and collaged and stitched onto the cloth, referencing earlier domestic practices of mending and repair, reuse and repurposing. The repetitive hand stitching in select areas, creates shadows and textures, alluding to the marking of time.” – artist statement. Open from 5-8pm.

Philip Slein
Philip Slein Gallery is pleased to present, in her first St. Louis exhibition, a noted painter, of whom Time Out New York says:

“Belag is a veteran abstractionist who has been working in New York for 35 years. She’s an unabashed colorist whose paintings can be described with one word: Bold. Bold colors, bold compositions and bold gestural marks are the defining features of her approach to paint, which she applies to her canvases with rags and knives as well as brushes. She’s waging a one-artist war against a ‘chromo-phobic’ culture, as she calls it, in which good taste masks a fear of color’s emotional impact on viewers. Judging from her work, it’s a battle she aims to win.”

Ms. Belag’s paintings are a perfect match for the focus and philosophy that has become the cornerstone of the Philip Slein Gallery. Her long term interest in pure painting, based in color, form, and composition, wonderfully distills what we think are the most significant themes in abstract painting today. Andrea Belag is a true painter’s painter, exhibiting in Saint Louis’ only gallery dedicated solely to the excellence in contemporary and modern painting. Open from 5-8pm.

Atrium Gallery
Atrium will open the Fall Season with an inaugural exhibition of new abstract paintings from former St. Louisian Caroline Weld. Currently living in Nantucket with an active studio there, she has recently become known and very well respected for her abstract works. Her fluid paintings are accomplished explorations of colors and forms and how they come together to create a sense of emotion. She paints using natural light from her solarium studio and in addition to brushes uses unconventional tools to create the texture often seen in her works. Weld began her studies at Boston Fine Arts Museum School, and then following a career in another field, returned to a pursuit of her art, studying and exhibiting very actively. It is our pleasure to introduce her latest works in St. Louis.Weld’s paintings will be shown along with work by established Atrium sculptor John Schwarzkopf. Open from 6-8pm.

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