Before & After, Bernoudy- architect, Mid-century St. Louis

Ladue News Show House, Before and After Part II

Last year when Ken Stuckenschneider did the Master Suite in the 2011 Ladue News Decorator's Show House at 15 Washington Terrace….I was immediately a fan!  This year he transformed the Master Bedroom of the stunning Bernoudy home on Conway Rd into something special. 

Check out the before pictures….twin beds…some people call that Catholic birth control…after 7 kids for the original owners, I think it was a necessity.


13428 Conway Rd-18

13428 Conway Rd-19

13428 Conway Rd-20







One thought on “Ladue News Show House, Before and After Part II”

  1. CT says:

    When I looked through the show house pictures, the master bedroom definitely struck me as my favorite. Everything seemed in tune with the house and its architecture and also really modern. Gorgeous!

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