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Ladue News Show House- Before and After Part 1

David Deatherage of Century Design took on the "men's study" which was once one of the boy's bedrooms.  The family that built the house had 7 kids….2 boys and 5 girls. David used Custom Furniture Works to transform the standard paneling into a visual delight. He also had them turn the closets into bookshelves. David is helping me with a few items at my new Bernoudy home.



Photo-14 copy






And David even had a Bernoudy-design planter


4 thoughts on “Ladue News Show House- Before and After Part 1”

  1. Rosalynde W. says:

    So gorgeous! Do you know what was done to the paneling? We have a paneled family room the future of which we are debating vigorously. I want to keep the paneling, especially if we could transform it this way. Was it refinished, replaced, or something else?
    Rosalynde W.

  2. twight says:

    Custom Furniture Works put a dark stain on the old paneling and then created the graining with their fingers when it was still wet. I am sure there were some other steps, though that is the concept.

  3. Rosalynde says:

    Thanks, Ted! We will have to look into that. We’re loving our new home. Thanks again for all your help in getting us into it.

  4. David says:

    It was a four step process to refinish the paneling (which was quite sun faded). A black stain was applied first & then the grain patterns were wiped away by hand(this is called finger glazing) then a lighter stain was applied over it & finally a clear coat. I wanted the wood grain to look deeper & more like an exotic wood like rosewood or Macassar ebony.

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