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“Work with what you’ve got!”

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Have you seen this beauty in Benton Park?

Sometimes, when you work with what you've got, you end up with something fabulous like this home.

"These days Ray and his partner, Mel Pashea (pronounced paa-SHAY), gain access to their mini-compound — complete with landscaped and fenced-in courtyard, saltwater-filled swimming pool and a second, smaller building for sleeping, dressing and doing laundry — through a new side door that leads into the larger building’s newly created foyer."

Not only does this home look fantastic, but it still encompasses the history of the building, with a more contemporary twist. I personally love seeing people transform homes like this one. If you know of any, please send me pictures of it, I'd love to see it, and maybe I'll post about it!

Read the whole story in the St Louis Post Dispatch site:  HERE



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Story by Susan Fadem; Photos by Cristina M. Fletes

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