Bernoudy- architect

4 Daniel Road- the house that replaced the Bernoudy-designed Schweiss Home

The Bernoudy-designed Schweiss home located at 4 Daniel Rd in Ladue was torn down last fall.  The new house built on the property is now finished and being lived in. 

I was sad to see the Schweiss home gone forever. It was a difficult house to save being in poor condition, priced at $400,000 and only about 1000 sq. feet. I had a buyer, though it did not appraise for much more than $300,000.  Lots in Ladue are going for $500,000- $600,000. Economics prevail.  It really needed a savior not concerned with buying it and it making financial sense.

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Here is a picture of the new home.

IMG_6617 copy