Before & After, Bernoudy- architect

My Bernoudy-Designed Japanese Garden Transformed

Over the years the Japanese garden in my backyard has slipped.   You can see from the set of 2 photos that Bernoudy, who designed and lived in my house, had a pleasant garden with a granite Japanese lantern. When the house was sold, the possessions were sent to auction and the garden lost its lantern.  My parents purchased the home from the estate in the early 1990’s.  They had the garden rebuilt which made it larger and it became out of scale and the bricks surrounding the garden deteriorated. Since buying the house from my mother 4 years ago, I did not do much with the garden and it became an eyesore.

Last Fall I connected with Austin Tao, landscape architect, to design a new garden that echoed the old one, though updated the look.  I wanted the garden to be brought to ground level entirely so that I could easily walk across it to get to the guest house. The need to walk across it is helpful in the rain also since my house does not have gutters.

Now I love my backyard and the birds seem to love the water feature in the middle.

Horstmann Brothers did the construction.  Limestone pavers with small and large Mexican beach rocks in-between. The center water features is comprised of three rocks.

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