Bernoudy- architect

Bernoudy-Mutrux in Columbia, MO

Over the weekend I visited my son at Mizzou for his fratnity's Father's Weekend. I survived better this year than last year since I have learned that shots are not for me at this age. We had a little time to visit the enclaves near Cliff Drive to see some Bernoudy-Mutrux- designed homes.  I loved the setting perched high cliff above Hinkson Creek.

From William Adair Bernoudy, Architect by Osmund Overby:

"In 1950, Bernoudy began a series of projects in Columbia, Missouri, they came to him through a friendship with Thomas Putnam, an interior designer and at the time the chairman of the Interior Design Department at Stephens College. A new area on the east side of Columbia was being developed on a high cliff overlooking Hinkson Creek. Several members of the Stephens staff were among the original buyers of lots in the development, and through Putnam they engaged Bernoudy-Mutrux."

Here are a few pictures to give a flavor.  I need to contact the owners to get a proper tour.

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