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Landmarks Association Tour of Schweiss Home and Bernoudy’s Private Residence…A Success!

Yesterday we had two sold out tours of 25 architecture enthusiasts through the Schweiss Home and Bernoudy's own private residence- both off of Litzsinger in Ladue. The day was crisp and sunny. Everyone seemed thrilled with the experience.

I need to note that the Schweiss Home was likely designed by Edouard Mutrux who was partnered with William Bernoudy. Edouard Mutrux preferred an exposed wood ceiling, where Bernoudy's ceilings were usually plastered.

Please notes that this tour is in an effort to save the Schweiss Home.  We need to find a buyer before the property is sold to someone who just wants the lot.

My mother owns the Bernoudy home that we toured which she bought from the William and Gertrude Bernoudy estate after Gertrude passed away.  Her fearless friend, Lucy, a Westie, helped guide people through her home.

Below is a picture of a sculpture outside of the Schweiss Home.  It is a plaster-caste version.  I am assuming it is by Ruth Schweiss, though it looks a lot like one of the sculptures of Carl Milles who did the Meetings of the Waters down near Union Station.


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