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My Martini Pool

Happy Labor Day weekend! Well here is my pool in the new house. It is original to the Bernoudy house though my parents restored it a few years back. No filter. You just drain it once in a while. Small pools like this are called Martini pools or “crotch-coolers”.

My Martini Pool

4 thoughts on “My Martini Pool”

  1. Brian B says:

    Fun. I’ve been saying I want one of these in my next home. No pool maintenance, but still some water.

  2. Hillary says:

    Looks very refreshing and a beautiful setting! I love the updates on the new house. It looks fantastic.

  3. jen goley says:

    I say you call it a ‘Crotch cooling martini pool’! Now there is an idea for a fun party!!

  4. Fran H. says:

    Beautiful. Enjoying your updates as you renovate your home.

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