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2014 Goals and 2013 Achievements


2014 Goals

  • Create a website
  • Further move my branding in to my business with business cards, new banner for my blog, etc.
  • Have an Open House for my clients at my new home in the Spring.
  • Host at least two special events for my clients.
  • Organize a 2nd Bernoudy owner event at someone else's house.
  • Sell $30 million of real estate. (Another goal is to not boast about how much I have sold….so this is the last time you will see a dollar amount.)
  • Sell $2 million of country real estate
  • Videos, videos and more videos
  • Look into forming a true "team" 


2013 Goals and Achievements

  • More videos! At least to make my blog more interesting. I am excited to buy a Swivl that will work with my iPhone to follow me and provide a microphone.  (I did buy the Swivl, though hardly used it.  It was too choppy when it moved. This will be a prime focus again in 2014)
  • Create a William Bernoudy Society with an annual party at a Bernoudy home. (We did have a fun cocktail party this year attended by most of the Bernoudy home owners. It was at my house and fun success!)
  • $22 million in real estate sales (Gosh….I sold $26 million. I am ranked 14 in the entire city and surrounding counties for 2013.  In the Central area from downtown to Chesterfield, including Kirkwood and Webster, I am ranked #2 in 2013)
  • $2 million in rural Missouri property sales (Well, I did sell a little historic home in Clarksville this year. I have some fantastic country properties on the market, though they have not sold yet.)
  • Add a transaction agent to handle my paperwork after the property is under contract. (Somehow my licensed assistant and I managed- though it did get a little overwhelming this Spring/Summer. A transaction person is in the works for 2014.) 
  • Finalize my branding initiative (I am so excited to finally have a logo!) 
  • Stay connected with my past clients more.  I just could not pull together a Holiday card.  I became indecisive on the design and then it was the middle of December. I am thinking about an Open House at my new place once I finish some decorating work. Maybe also a newsletter, though I have always thought of this blog as a daily newsletter. (I did get a Holiday card out this year!  I also sponsored a fun opening at Kodner Gallery in Ladue in November.)
  • Do more special event evening gatherings for my listings. (I had a nice wine and cheese out at my fantastic St. Albans house.)
  • Add more "meat" to this blog by researching  some aspects of the history of what I post. My journalistic approach is a little fluffy. (Well I tend to be a little ADD….so this did not get done.)
  • Incorporate my real estate business. (Not done)

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