Buying or Selling a Home

Selling Your House in 2012? I may be doing it myself!

The idea of selling your house can be daunting….especially if you want to do it right.  I may be selling my house in 2012 (don't worry…I am not moving out of the area) and have been working a punch list since earlier this year. So far I have had a large dead tree removed, reboarded my deck, retiled my shower, replaced carpeting in a bedroom, installed new wood blinds in a few rooms and repainted the Living Room. These are all things that need to be done in order to get my house sold quickly and for a good price.  Over the weekend I bought a new dishwasher!  The next things to do are to replace some windows, repaint some more rooms and do a make over of the kitchen. It is expensive…though less than taking $10,000 price drops. I am a Realtor and need to practice what I preach! I also want to enjoy some of these improvement now.

If you are thinking about selling your house in 2012, now is the perfect time to start thinking about it. Contact me at 314-607-5555 or [email protected] if you would like a consultation of projects that need to be completed to sell your house at the best price!

Here are some general points to follow when getting ready and while selling your home:

1. Clean and declutter….only 3 items on any tabletop…hire a maid to come in once a week while your house is on the market…you deserve the break anyway!

2. Brightening….clean all of your windows inside and out. Open your curtains! Make sure there is plenty of light….and certainly leave all of your lights on when a showing in coming.

3. Music….turn on some light jazz for your showings and Open Houses

4. Accessorize/ staging. Buy new towels and soaps for the bathrooms. Add candles and new pillows.  If you are moving your furniture out or don't have enough…hire a staging company. They can also help you rearrange what you have already. It really is worth it!  Plus the on-line pictures will draw Buyers to your house.

5. Landscape enhancements.  Mulch your yard…just not the bright red mulch.  Add bushes and flowers.  Keep what you add alive! 

6. Clean your carpets and get them stretched if they have waves in them.

7. Organize your closets and line your clothes up perfectly…mine aren't like this, though it always impresses me when I see a closet like this.

8. Make that front door shine!  It better be painted nicely, have a lock that is easy to open. If your doorbell is not working or is broken…replace it….and not with a cheap one. Make it metal and wired. Make sure that the wood trim around the door looks good and especially free from rot. You would be surprised what I see.

9. Paint/ seal your deck. If boards are rotted, consider replacing them. Nothing says potential $ than a failing deck.

10. Repaint rooms that have nicks, scraps and too strong of colors. Please do it professionally or be a good painter. I have been to too many homes that have sloppy paint jobs done by homeowners.

11. Seal your asphalt driveway.

12. Plant bulbs for next Spring!

13. Work on your grass….green and weed free.

14. Smells…no strong odors from cooking, baby diapers, pets smells or teenage boy scents.


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