Buying or Selling a Home

To Sell a House, Make a Buyer Feel at Home

This was an interesting article from the Wall Street Journal with tips on how to get your house ready to sell! Read the whole article HERE.

  • Invest in landscaping, especially around the front door, to create an inviting entrance
  • The front door should be "fresh looking" with a new coat of paint or stain
  • Make sure everything works well-sliding doors, door knobs and handles
  • Keep art to a minimum- too much and the Buyer will just look at the art
  • Avoid sculptures because dimensional artwork can be distracting
  • Make sure a room feels roomy so you can circulate
  • Ideally walls should be white.
  • Remove most family pictures
  • Spotlessly clean so it's sparkling 
  • Counters should be clear of everything except for one or two items.
  • New white towels in the bathroom because they feel clean
  • Organize closets and drawers
  • Add a few final touches such as small green plants or potted orchids and perhaps a bowl of fruit in the kitchen or dining area for color
  • Strip your home of food scents



Counters are cleared of clutter and apples provide a bit of color in the kitchen. MICHAL CZERWONKA FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

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