Buying or Selling a Home

Ways to Make Your House Sell!

Make It High-Def

Provide a "high definition" effect to your listings by making sure you tempt buyers using all five of their senses.

Before yelling “action,” make sure the home will touch buyers’ five senses. “Imagine that a buyer enters your listing. It’s the fourth she’s looked at,” Nourmand says. “She’s tired and grumpy and undergoing sensory overload. You want to present a space that will surprise her and encourage her to relax and soak in the setting.” Here are ideas to provide a “high definition” effect to your listings:

  • Sight: Display fresh flowers throughout the house on kitchen and bathroom countertops and side tables. Or add color pops by displaying seasonal fruits in the kitchen, living, and dining rooms —like a large bowl filled with red apples, pomegranates, strawberries, or lemons.
  • Sound: Play soft classical music in the background.
  • Taste: Put ready-to-bake cookies in the oven shortly before a showing and set them out on a pretty plate in the kitchen for prospective buyers. Brew some coffee and tea. The refreshments provide buyers more incentives to sit down and stay awhile—an approach Nourmand recently used in prepping singer Sheryl Crow’s $15 million Hollywood home for sale.
  • Smell: Skip the chemical air fresheners. The flowers and freshly baked cookies will provide a welcoming scent. Nourmand creates another favorite by slicing four apples in half . She then sprinkles them with brown sugar and bakes them at 375 degrees for 30 minutes.
  • Feel: Use linens with a “rich, substantive feel” in bedrooms, textured accent pillows, and white fluffy towels—all convey the touch of luxury.

Creating such an inviting space should elicit rave reviews from home shoppers—and just might entice them to stick around through the closing credits.

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