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15 Washington Terrace; Ladue News Decorator’s Showcase….wrap up post! Open Today, Nov., 6th from 1-3 PM

15 Washington Terrace is for sale for $825,000.  Find out more HERE. The mansion is also open on Sun., Nov 6th from 1-3 PM. Unfortunately the furnishings have been removed since the showcase is over, though you can still see the wonderful spaces!

Mary Stieven of MKS Designs did a great job transforming the Sleeping Porch in a great/usable space.  I would like to have a cup of coffee here and read the paper.

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The Game Room was designed by Jeanne Lashmett of i3 Design Group. This was the old servant's quarters.



Vicki Dreste of Victoria Dreste Designs took one of the servant's sleeping rooms and turned it into a stylish Parisian Reading Room.


One of the upstairs bedrooms was designed by Tom Sprick of Tom Sprick Interior Designs


Another bedroom was decorated by Kim Taylor of Kim Taylor Interior Design


The front entrance terrace and entry played off of the Mediterranean style of the house by using succulents in his plantings. Stunning! Designed by Rand Rosenthal of Rand Rosenthal Landscaping and Design.



Here is a ;ist of the other's who participated in decorating the mansion. I do not have pictures of their projects to show….my photography probably was not good and it certainly is not that I did not like their work.

David Blakely Meredith Wanamaker, Paige Gilbertson, Jay Eiler, Linda Lowenstein, Paul Doerner and Stephanie Pondrum of Niche took on the Grand Foyer.  Carolyn Peterson of Carolyn Peterson Design did the Grand Staircase and Second Level Gallery.  Mim Phillips of Mim Phillips Interiors did the Boy's Bedroom.  Wendy Noory and Carey Steven of Atom Designs/ Mountjoy Designs created a fun bath for the Jack-and Jill Bathroom.  The back patio and yard was transformed by Mike Marks and Chris Mueller of Luxury Landscape Management and Accent Landscape and Design.  The Side Portico was decorated by Chris and Amy Plaisted of Hammer & Hand Imports.  Elizabeth Ottolini did wonders on the kitchen!


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