Stylish CWE Homes

5921 De Giverville, CWE SOLD/ CLOSED

This historic home in the DeBaliviere neighborhood has been sold.  I represented the Seller.  This house has been completely updated and is ready for a nice couple to live in it…..after a while of being vacant.  Here is the story….a developer renovated the home about 5 years ago…he went out of business and Premier Bank took over the house. This is when I got involved. Premier Bank asked me to sell it for them. Well….while it was on the market, Premier Bank was closed by the FDIC. I began working with the FDIC to get the property sold. It was under contract!  Days before the closing, the house was broken into and someone stole all of the copper wires, AC units and plumbing. The Buyers did not want to wait to get the house fixed and backed out. Then the FDIC decided to put the house up for auction. It sold to a nice developer and I went up to him at the auction to introduce myself. He fixed the house and made some nice improvements….it sold quickly this time. I am sort of glad to have this house in the hands of people who will live in it.


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