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McCobb Dresser

Decorator David Deatherage found this handsome Paul McCobb dresser for me that Custom Furniture Works restored. It looks perfect in the newly redone lower bedroom of my guesthouse. The guesthouse had a history of flooding. After doing some exterior drainage and interior drain tile….I hope I have fixed the problem. I waited 4 years to make sure that the water problem has been fixed before turning Bernoudy’s old office into a bedroom. Of course the moment the room was finished in the lower level, we had the torrential rains the week after Christmas.  I was on my way to Puerto Vallarta and my sons were luckily hanging out in the guesthouse during the rains. The sump pump pipe decided to become disconnected and started shooting water all over the utility room next to the new bedroom. My sons were able to fix the sump pump before too much damage was done.

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