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The Gas Stove Debate & Why I Chose An Induction Cooktop


I posted the video below on Instagram, talking about why I chose an induction cooktop when I redid my kitchen in 2019 with the help of Dana King. Induction stoves cook faster than conventional stoves while also being more energy-efficient – making them a popular choice in Europe and Asia. With rising concerns about indoor air emissions from gas stoves, the induction cooktop will gain popularity here in the U.S. I found this article to be informative when deciding if I wanted to make the switch to an induction cooktop. 

The discussion began around 2018 when trade groups hired influencers to post content about the hazards of gas stoves. Since then, a 2022 study by U.S. and Australian researchers found that gas stoves can release hazardous air pollutants while operating and when turned off. Researchers also estimate that nearly 13% of current childhood asthma cases here in the U.S. are attributed to gas stoves. The gas can also affect asthmatic adults and contribute to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease development and exacerbation.

Another 2022 study estimated that gas stoves not in use emit the colorless and odorless gas methane at a level that traps as much heat in the atmosphere as about 400,000 cars. The same study also showed that leaking natural gas contained multiple hazardous air pollutants, like benzene, a cancer-causing agent. While measured concentrations of benzene did not reach health thresholds of concern, these dangerous air pollutants could be problematic in homes with substantial leaks and poor ventilation.

So what should you do if you have a gas stove? The first step would be improving ventilation by running a range hood that vents outdoors and open your kitchen windows while cooking. However, multiple incentive programs support gas stove changeovers if you want to limit exposure entirely. For example, the recently signed Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 includes many provisions to address climate change and offers rebates for purchasing high-efficiency electric appliances such as stoves.

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