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Tonight’s Gallery Openings | September 13, 2019

Houska Gallery
Cory Sellers’ work deals primarily with the investigation of space. He’s greatly interested in pictorial drama and illusionism within that space, while also pushing the formal qualities of his medium. Certain features get manipulated or exaggerated, lending to a feeling of solitude and adding to the mystery of his compositions.

Caleb Gebel’s imagery is culled from past experiences and opinionated daydreams that are filtered through an optical assemblage of video games, cartoons, comedic horror, and thrash metal to create an abstract agnostic narrative. His paintings search for an illusive allegory that evokes meaning through a process of cultivating their own language while simultaneously deciphering it.

Philip Slein Gallery
STARS exhibition featuring Alison Hall, Warren Isensee, Douglas Melini, Carl Ostendarp and Barbara Takenaga.

Duane Reed Gallery
Duane Reed Gallery is pleased to present new work by multimedia artists: Rebecca Hutchinson, Sun Smith-Foret & Ethan Meyer as part of Surface Design Associations Biennial Conference “Beyond the Surface”.

Open from 5-8pm

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