Sugar Creek Ranch Tour Presented by ModernSTL | Docomomo’s Tour Day 2017

Date: Saturday, October 7th, 2017
Time: homes open 3-5pm, refreshments and conversation until 6pm
Check-in Location: 1415 Lark Avenue, Kirkwood, MO 63122
Cost: $10 members, $20 non-members

ModernSTL presents the unique opportunity to tour several homes of the Sugar Creek Ranch neighborhood in Kirkwood, Mo., as part of their annual home tour. This year’s tour will coincide with Docomomo annual tour day, Shelter, taking place along side dozens of other Mid Century Modern tours happening that day all throughout the world. Several homeowners will open their doors to allow guests an inside look at how the homes live and feel today.

Designed and constructed in the mid-1950’s, Sugar Creek Ranch is the product of a collaboration between local esteemed architects Ralph and Mary Jane Fournier (d. 2008) and developer Burton Duenke (d. 1994). Originally a farm situated on the outskirts of Kirkwood, Missouri, Sugar Creek Ranch is now home to approximately 60 Mid-Century Modern ranch houses, and is a proud example of Modernist preservation in St. Louis.

The houses in Sugar Creek Ranch exemplify the modular construction systems also employed at other Fournier/Duenke projects, including Ridgewood (Crestwood) and Craig Woods (Kirkwood). In 2014, Maryville University hosted an exhibition curated by Jessica Senne, which featured the houses and neighborhoods designed by Ralph and Mary Jane Fournier. The exhibition received national acclaim, and was the topic of several publications, including an article by St. Louis Public Radio.

In this article, Senne, who is a Sugar Creek Ranch homeowner, speaks of the design and character of her home:

“Architecturally,…we love so many things about our house here in Sugar Creek Ranch. We love that the entire house is on one level – we have no basement and no upper level and we do not miss either one. The previous owners lived here about 40 years, and it is evident that these houses are quite suitable for populations that wish to ‘age in place.’ We love the open floor plan our house offers – the entryway, dining room, kitchen, and living area are spacious and flow freely into one another. These public spaces of the house are arranged around a centrally located, double-sided fireplace that provides warmth in the space and also visual connection between the various rooms …

We were also drawn to the modern use of natural materials and the ample natural light in our house. The fireplace is clad in sandstone and wood paneling, and both bring warmth and texture to the interior material palette. And the large, north-facing windows in our living room provide ample indirect natural light and offer a view of the neighborhood that is always changing with the seasons…”

More information regarding the designs of Ralph and Mary Jane Fournier may be found by viewing the short film documentary here.

Additionally, Suburban Modernism: The Architecture and Interior Design of Ralph and Mary Jane Fournier was featured in Dwell.

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