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Nantucket Baskets

I was too young to miss all of the fun on Nantucket when our entire tribe would go there each Summer for a month.  My stylish grandmother (pictured below) would arrange everything.  She passed away shortly after I was born. Notice her Nantucket Basket perched beside her.


In my house I have a water color of an ancestor's ship- the Caroline Ellems Mastered by Ira Brewster Ellems.  My first name is really Ira….so this is where my name originated. He was a direct decendant of William Brewster who headed the pilgrim church.

The caption on the painting reads:


This is on the bottom of my Aunt's Nantucket basket with a depiction of the boat on the top.


The bottom of the basket shows the signature of the famous Jose Formosa Reyes who created the basket in 1963


Here is the watercolor of the ship



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