My second son graduated from Chaminade yesterday.  He is on his way to Marquette University. I will be sort of an empty nester. New life chapters. Someone mentioned to me last night that my blog has been a little slow. Life has been just too busy, though some exciting things are to come. A photographer is in my house right now taking shot of my home. I am listing my house for sale this week. Come back tomorrow to see pics! I am buying my mother's small Bernoudy-designed house in Ladue.




I made a red velvet cake with white chocolate mousse filling and white chocolate ganache icing.



3 thoughts on “Graduation”

  1. Nicole Wight says:

    CoNgRatULatIONs! And you “can’t” be an empty nester … you have Boo – LOL!

  2. Barbara Balossi says:

    Congrats, Ted! It’s evident you are a proud Papa!

  3. Sideunes says:

    his voice is so low it sorta scared me at schuncks one day

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