Ira E. Wight II and Ira E. Wight III

I was out at our farm today and saw this picture in one of the upper bedrooms. It is sort of a bittersweet photo of my Uncle Ira E. (Ted) Wight III and my grandfather, Ira E. (Ted) II. My uncle looks like he is in his early 20's.  My grandfather must be in his 50's. I think this photo was taken in the mid-50's. My uncle died in a plane crash on his way to Nantucket in the early 60's. This was before radar and clouds set in. The rumor was that he was coming to visit his parents and tell them about his thoughts of marrying. The plane crashed on the island and my grandfather had to pull him from the wreckage. He is buried on a hilltop on Nantucket. I was born after he died and my parents named me Ira Edward (Ted) Wight. I named my first born son the same…..he is sort of the fifth.

Ok…to break the sadness. A couple years ago I went to Nantucket with my brother and two sons….one named Teddy.  We met some of the other side of the Wight family who moved to Nantucket. The father (my father's cousin) is named Ned (Edward Ira Wight) and he has a son Ted who has a son, Teddy. They were all there for a impromptu gathering….it was a little confusing when someone said the name- Ted.


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