Mom’s New Westie

Yesterday I went to Truxton, Missouri to help mother pick up her new Westie pup….Lilly!

Poor Mom has had a tough time with dogs over the last 6 months. Last Fall her beloved Westie, Lucy died and then she got a mixed-breed dog from the APA….Gigi.  Over Easter weekend my mother came over for dinner with my brother who was in from out of town. Gigi was a runner and went flying onto Litzsinger Road and was hit by a car.  The poor lady who hit Gigi came up to my door and apologized.  Gigi hung on for about an hour and then expired.

It is Mother’s birthday today and Mother’s Day tomorrow….she is so happy to have Lilly in her life!  We are going to reactivate the Invisible Fence around my yard do Lilly will be safe when visiting me.

IMG_8062  IMG_8067 IMG_8068 IMG_8069 IMG_8072 IMG_8075

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