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Ste Genevieve & Fort de Chartres in Prairie du Rocher, IL

Yesterday I went on a day trip with my brother and two nephews to check out Ste. Genevieve and Fort de Chartres in Prairie du Rocher. Part of our family, the Prattes, lived in Ste. Genevieve before St. Louis was founded. We went to check out the portrait of Jean Baptiste Sebastian Pratte's portrait, though it was in St. Louis getting refinished.  We did find his grave!

We left Ste. Genevieve and took a ferry over to Illinois to see Fort de Chartres. I have heard about it, though never visited. Pierre Laclede, another ancestor of mine, stayed at Fort de Chartres before he founded St. Louis. With our 250th anniversary of the founding of St. Louis arriving in 2014, you should check out this important, historic site.

A special treat was meeting a group of people who were staying in the Fort for the weekend. They were having a period experience!  They shared some of their yummy baked items with us.










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