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The Best of the Best When it Comes to Eating in St. Louis

25 of the best restaurants in St. Louis according to the Food Network! 

Brunch: Southwest Diner

BBQ: Salt + Smoke

Burger: Mac’s Local Eats

Icon: Mai Lee

Carb Heaven: Union Loafers

Hot Spot: Sardella

American Sweets: Pint Size Bakery

Contemporary Asian: Vista Ramen

Thai: Fork & Stix

Cocktail Bar: Planter’s House

Seafood: Peacemaker Lobster & Crab Co.

French: Brasserie

Late-Night Spot: Taste Bar

Tasting Menu: Vicia

Taiwanese: Tai Ke

Straight Outta the Balkans: Balkan Treat Box

Cheap Eats: Carl’s Drive In

Israeli: Olio

Parisian Pastries: La Patisserie Chouquette

Foodie Haven: Sidney Street Cafe

Rock-Star Chef: Matthew Daughaday

Modern Latin American: Público

Sandwiches: Gioia’s

Meat and Three: Grace

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