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Vero Pizza and Pasta Meal Kit

Thank you to Vero for sending me a sample of their delicious at home meal prep kit. I was sent the Fiori Arrabbiata and the Mista salad. My son took delight in helping me make dinner including learning that pasta water should be salty like the sea…I think I have always been under salting my pasta water. We learned that fresh pasta needs to be fluffed “loosening the noodles with your fingers.” We were able to make dinner in less than 30 minutes, and I thought it was far easier and more successful than my Blue Apron attempts! I could see this being fun for a family or sending it to a client as a gift.

Real Ingredients. Real Italian.
“Led by award-winning Chef Katie Collier, Vero Pizza and Pasta delivers authentic Italian meals. True to the Italian style we locally source our ingredients to craft traditional recipes with a modern interpretation delivered to your door, with new recipes every two weeks. For every meal sold an emergency meal is donated to a child in need. Fresh pasta, Neopolitan dough and inventive recipes make for memorable meals with family and friends.”

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