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Zöe Robinson Introduces Progressive Dinner, Tour de Zöe

Zöe Robinson owns three restaurants within a few steps of each other on Clayton’s Wydown Boulevard: Bar Les Freres, I Fratellini, and Billie Jean. The restaurateur is taking advantage of their proximity by inviting diners to eat at not one, not two, but all three of her restaurants in one night.

Robinson has just announced a new Tour de Zöe experience that weaves in a stop at each of her three restaurants. SLM‘s Restaurateur of the Year for 2017, Robinson says the idea came directly from customers and visiting friends.

“Certain guests would say, ‘It would be so much fun to do all three in the same night.’ And we would say, ‘Let’s arrange it for you,’” she says. “Or if people were traveling from out of town and only had one night, I would say, ‘Well, let’s just do it all in one night.’ We started it for several people, and the feedback has been so positive.”

Diners can visit the restaurants in any order, depending on their preferences. “It’s a custom evening—they can do whatever they want,” Robinson says. For example, a tour might begin with hors d’oeuvres and a drink at Bar Les Freres. “A really nice French 75 or some type of Champagne cocktail and some blinis and caviar,” Robinson suggests.

The next stop could be Billie Jean for an entrée, along with a cocktail or glass of wine. The guests would end their meal at I Fratellini for dessert, served with a dessert cocktail. Conversely, one could start at I Fratellini and end at Bar Les Freres for creme brulee and champagne.

The Tour de Zöe is available at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday, but only two reservations are available each night—one for a party of two, one for a party of four. The teams at each restaurant will coordinate to make sure that the experience flows smoothly. For example, a server will call ahead to make sure a table is available and set at the next stop before guests move on.

There’s no fixed price for the tour; diners simply pay for what they order and, guests close out their check separately at each restaurant.

To book a spot, call Bar Les Freres at 314-725-8880.

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