Frank Lloyd Wright

A Frank Lloyd Wright ‘Sprite’ Sculpture Can Be Yours

Frank Lloyd Wright House in Ebsworth Park is auctioning a Sprite Sculpture to first come first! The sculpture was once in Midway Gardens in Chicago (1913; demolished 1929, below), a fashionable entertainment complex, Wright created a magical combination of architecture, furniture, sculpture, and murals. In collaboration with the sculptor, Alfonso Iannelli, a series of “Sprite” sculptures were created; dozens were cast to adorn walls and walkways. A striking addition to an entryway, terrace, or garden, the “Sprite” is hand-cast in cement and stands a regal 31″ high (Base is 6-1/2″w x 7″ deep). Made in USA. Shown on 11″ pedestal. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

Interested parties can contact me [email protected] or 314-863-2569.

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