Annuals Pre Frost

My annuals will probably escape frost tonight, though maybe not….I though I would preserve them in photos. Right now they look at their peak, so it is a shame to have them stricken down….though cold weather must come. I bought a bunch of flowering kale today from Bowoods and Garden Heights to fill my planters if the frost does hit hard. I am sure you will see pictures of these.

On a somewhat side note….I have this adolescent buck gracing my yard. He has stripped one side of a newly planted magnolia and taken a Coral Bark Japanese Maple down from a 6 ft. specimen to a 2 ft stump. Why can't he focus on the invasive honeysuckle bushes in the area? The other night I followed him down Litzsinger Rd in my car as he galloped along. I am glad that I have some self control….and he is nice to look at in my yard.








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