Giant Allium

I was at two Kirkwood-area garden stores last weekend and couldn't find any Giant Allium bulbs.  A lady next to me was also desperate to find some….they are the hot bulb!  Well I did find a bunch of them at Summer Winds Nursery on Clarkson Rd….30% off, though they are still $5.50 a bulb.  They better come up….my bill was over $100. I hope I have a real show in the late Spring!  I hear some people spray paint the old blooms when they dry out.

The picture below from a friend's pool-side garden in the Cherokee Street area.


One thought on “Giant Allium”

  1. Always good to interplant Alliums with an early emerging cool season grass or Carex. The basal foliage of these particular Alliums turns brown before blooming.

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