Ornamental Grasses

I love Spring, though hate cutting down my ornamental grasses out at our farm.  They are so healthy and large.  It must have been last Spring's rain. I cut them down today in the strong wind by hand.  There must be an easier way, though I am afraid of chain saws. The good news was that the high wind today carried the cuttings into the fields. Yuck…there was something large and dead in the middle of the grass stand….I stepped on it and was quite alarmed, though glad it was not alive.  I did not know what it was, though hope something drags it away before I get out there again. I bet my cousin's dogs will find it and roll it in! Ahhh…country living!


4 thoughts on “Ornamental Grasses”

  1. Jennifer Goley says:

    My favorite part of that picture is your shadow! So those grasses are most easily cut with a chain saw or a weed whacker, neither of which are friendly. You could also try a machete. Just think of the great exercise you got on a beautiful day!

  2. Frank Meriwether, Esq. says:

    The shadow in the picture is reminiscent of Munch’s The
    Scream which is rather apropos considering your stepping on a
    large dead thing. And, are you really sure it was dead. Perhaps you might want to go back and check on it.

  3. Hillary says:

    You are too funny Ted! I laughed out loud at this post.

  4. Paul Wight says:

    I think a good fire would do the trick…of course…removing Phil’s sign first. Nothing better than cooked old dead animal.

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