Spring Garden


Spring is my favorite time of the year, though it is a little stressful. Of course the real estate market is going crazy and my staff and I are scurrying from early morning until night. I also get a little overwhelmed by what I need to do in my garden. Mother’s Day is next Sunday and I have to get zinnia seeds planted, containers filled with soil and plants & get some new bushes planted. Then I have to worry about my farm gardens which I am going to need to tend to this week. I am sure the weeds are knee-high. Everything will get done and the gardens will be splendid.

I did a quick walk in the garden this morning with my coffee and could hear the turkey gobbling in the woods. They come up to greet me periodically which I really enjoy. The deer also come up to greet me….I enjoy looking at them, though wish they would be happy with just eating grass.  I put a pot with a new Split-leaved Japanese Maple in the yard to see if I would be happy with the location. Of course, a friendly deer enjoyed eating it overnight. It would have been less expensive to get the deer a table at Tony’s!

Red Horse Chestnut


Woodland Hyacinths


Sedum and Coral Bells- Light and Dark


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