stop honeysuckle

Originally planted in urban areas, honeysuckle is spreading to the Missouri countryside and strangling native plants and trees. Once it becomes established, it is virtually impossible to eradicate. This plant kills all other plants and wildflowers and limits physical access to properties.


Please become familiar with this threat to our Missouri countryside and take action to stop it.  


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3rd auunal dinner series

Save the Date

October 5, 2014 | 1-5pm  

at Shaw Nature Reserve 


Conservation Celebration 


Guests will feast on local food prepared by some of the area's most talented chefs paired with award-winning Missouri wine and local beers. Meal by:

  • Gerard Craft, Niche 
  • Kevin Nashan, Sidney Street Cafe
  • Josh Galliano, Libertine
  • Mike Emerson, Pappy's