Summer Drought

Just yesterday I began to notice trees and evergreens throughout town that are dying from the heat and lack of rain. Smaller trees like dogwoods and japanese maples could be lost if you do not water them. Many evergreens hate to be over watered, though also can not take extended heat….you may not be able to save these. Remember last summer when an alarming number of arborvitae died from last summer's heat wave.  I am focusing on making sure my hydrangeas are checked daily and watered as soon as they look unhappy. I have given up on my grass… will come back as soon as it rains. My pots are getting daily waterings and sometimes…..twice a day.  I found the secret to successful container plantings that survive the heat and lack of water is…..plant in large pots. Small pots just dry up too quickly. Hopefully rain and cooler weather will come!

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