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Neon Greens | A New, Sustainable & Delicious Way to Eat Salads Is Coming to the Grove St. Louis

Photo Courtesy @NeonGreensSTL on Instagram

Neon Greens, a new quick-service salad concept, will be coming to The Grove this Summer! Neon Greens will craft your salad with “radically fresh” produce grown in-house. The salads will be customizable with seasonal ingredients grown in Neon Greens’ hydroponic plot next door.

So what is hydroponic farming? In short, the method uses nutrient-rich water to grow crops instead of soil. Then, after harvesting, the water can be recovered and recycled to grow more plants. Some refer to this as the future of farming as it produces crops with a higher yield and less land, water, and energy use while also being easier to control.

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